International Travel Certificates

For international travel, every country has different, and often very complicated, requirements and paperwork.

Most also require a basic health certificate co-signed by both an accredited veterinarian and a USDA veterinarian – see the discussion below for details on obtaining the USDA veterinarian’s signature.

In order to facilitate international travel with your exotic pet, we ask that you begin to plan early and carefully review the relevant information.

Some countries require that physical examinations and certain disease testing be done a specified number of days, weeks, or months prior to travel. Others may require a specific quarantine period. Please visit the USDA website listed below for additional information.

In some situations, it may be necessary to contact your destination country’s embassy in order to obtain more specific instructions on import of exotic animal species. We ask that you look up this information and obtain all necessary paperwork prior to your pet’s appointment.

Please note that it may be worthwhile looking up import regulations for the United States if you plan to return with your pet in the future, as some animals are not allowed back into the country after export.

For domestic and international travel with your exotic animal pet, please visit the following website for detailed information, specific paperwork, and appropriate planning well before your veterinary appointment and planned travel time:

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