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I recently had to change the vet I used but sometimes change is good. I was very pleased with my first visit. The hours are very convenient to most schedules. I didn't have a long wait.

The Dr. was kind and informative. The staff was very welcoming and warm. They called the day after my appointment to see how my dog was doing which I thought was extra nice. First impression was good!

Diane B.

The people who takes care of my dog make sure she's really taken care of. They follow up after every appointment whenever new medication is administered, and don't waste my time when discussing options.

Also, everyone is friendly and happy to see our dog and always sends her home with ample praise we'll never be able to live up to, haha.

Sam G.

Brought my dog here for a physical, the vet techs were very nice as well as the veterinarian.

They did a fantastic job and were a pleasure to deal with! The pricing was very reasonable. My dog Theo has just met his new vet as we will be back!

Roland N.

Love this place! Friendly empathetic staff. Reasonably priced. They take the time to listen and answer questions.

Very gentle and sweet when we sent out 15 yo Shihtzu Girl over the rainbow bridge. We now have a 19 month old Bully and they Love her and she is super comfortable. ❤❤

Cherelle B.

Good place, felt like my pets got great care. It's hard to estimate what a fair price is for service. Not like shopping around when you have a pet crisis is an option. I did have some sticker shock at the cost of surgery. My puppy is doing great now.

Chris H.

Had to bring my 6 month old pup in for a UTI. The staff at the animal hospital was professional and available. They were extremely helpful and upfront about the costs.

I was really impressed with this place and in the future I plan to bring my other 9 year old dog here as well! What an awesome find this place is. Thank you!

Adam S.

In comparison to other local vets this office is much more affordable, they do not nickel and dime you, and most importantly they are completely honest.

What I like most about this office is that they do not make you come in for unnecessary visits just to make a charge! Dr. Komma’s compassion and expertise goes unmatched!

I would highly recommend this veterinarian office for all of your loved animals. As an extra benefit this is a beautiful facility.

Erica G.

Excellent staff!! My fiancee and I have been bringing our doodle pup here since we got her. Ruth is always excited to walk through the doors and see her friends.

She was just spayed last week and is recovering perfectly. The at home care instructions were very helpful. Can't say enough about this place. Thank you!

Gregory A.

I just want to thank all of you for the great job you did with my kitty,Archie! This was our first time there and we are staying.Very caring and compassionate staff.

Michelle A.

I called the office because one of my two 5 day old puppies wasn’t doing well. The office offered me an appointment later that same day, however before ending the conversation I mentioned how very concerned I was for this puppy, I was then advised to come right in with the puppies and Mom.

Dr Kehoe saw us right away did her exam and treatment and the puppy is doing much better now. Thank you so much to the office and Dr Kehoe for seeing us immediately, as a first time puppy mommy I was very nervous for this little pup. Excellent service!

Pat G.

I was referred here by my regular vet when my dog chipped a tooth. My dog was feral as a puppy, so strangers and vets offices are usually meltdown zones for him.

They got me in so fast, set his new patient appointment and surgery for the same day so that he didn't have to be sedated twice, and took care of him like one of their own. Plus, they were very transparent and upfront about potential costs, and given the work that went into it, the cost was super reasonable. Thank you Lowell Rd Vet Team!! ❤️

Danielle D.

Wiley had a great experience today at Lowell Rd Vet, he is a very anxious pup when he leaves home. Thank you so much to the entire team!

April R.

Great place. My dog got attacked by multiple dogs and had multiple bleeding wounds. This is the only place that would help me.

Every “emergency” vet had a 6 hour wait time. The staff here got me in their soonest appointment even though they don’t normally handle cases like this. Very nice inside and very friendly people. 5 stars!

Merry M.

I recently started taking the dogs to this vet. The staff is professional, friendly and reliable. The location is convenient and everything is very clean inside.

Definitely recommend. It’s a new facility and they have an aqua treadmill for therapy for dogs who need that help! Very unique to the area!

Karyn M.

We cannot say enough great things about LRVC. Dr. Komma and her staff are amazing. They are all highly competent, very friendly and they care for our 2 dogs like they are their own.

In critical situations, they made the necessary adjustments to see our rescue dog who came to us with a major ear infection that resulted in surgery. We won't go anywhere else.

Neil P.